SIGHT REVIEW is an online platform exploring contemporary art practice and exhibition methodologies via exhibition reviews, studio visits, projects, and a series of recorded conversations.


Patricia Bordallo Dibildox
Patricia Bordallo Dibildox (b. 1993, San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, México) is an artist living in Kansas City, MO. You can usually find her drinking carrot juice and laying on grass. @pat.paya

Brittany Ficken
Brittany Ficken is an artist, curator, and cultural enthusiast based in San Francisco. Monday to Friday she’s working off the grid at Headlands Center for the Arts. Otherwise she’s making art, growing food, gallery hopping, hiking, or reading. @brittanyficken

Emily Sussman
Emily Sussman is an art seeker. Having grown up in London and New York, her passion for art fuels her to find beauty wherever she goes (art and well, coffee). She is a curator and writer, as well as gallery assistant, based out of Brooklyn.  @sussedandsorted