Julian Chams "Maybe Like This"


Julian Chams
Maybe Like This
New York
September 15 - October 25, 2015

Maybe Like This, a solo exhibition of work by Julian Chams, presents a series of plush photomontages sewn into sculptural pillows which hang between the Sunroom’s substantial windows and link the fantastical constructed spaces of the pillows to the outdoor landscapes of Wave Hill, a 28-acre public garden overlooking the Hudson River and Palisades in Bronx, NY.

Photographs capture “leftovers”  from society in natural, rural landscapes found during the artist’s travels through his home country of Colombia, jaunts in France, hikes during yoga retreats in the Northeast, and long drives through the Midwest. Images of forgotten or discarded clothing and crumpled soda cans are sewn into exotic flora and wildlife, both digitally and by hand.

The rearrangement and amalgamation of Chams’ fragmented experiences mimics the nonlinear pattern of human recollection. The violence of this image fragmentation is softened by polyester stuffing. The anonymity of the rural landscapes in the images cause an inability to attach location or time in the photographs. This yields spaces in which Chams takes total authorship.

On the floor of the Sunroom are PEVA storage bags, commonly known to contain comforters or blankets upon purchase. Chams bags have been custom made for the exhibition. In Maybe Like This themes of the forgotten continue as the clear zippered bags contain imagery of winter at Wave Hill, a time when the city park is much less frequented by visitors and fiancés to be married. Among snowy photographs are old and used socks, underwear, and toothbrushes once holding function for the artist.

Maybe Like This, a proposition to the viewers, is on view through October 25 at Wave Hill, Bronx, NY.

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