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Paintings and drawings begin on a handmade jig built to clamp a straight-edge tool in front of the works where Rob de Oude repeatedly hand-drafts perfect straight lines. The consuming process slowly yields overlaid structures of visual depth in which straight lines swirl into shapes and optical moiré. As each work begins with the same line, the diversity in the totality of works attests to the infinite possibilities within the singular unit.

The meticulous precision and patient effort in the works by Rob de Oude is axiomatic. However, I am surprised as de Oude says, “A line by itself is not very interesting.” We discuss his cumulative process where space and time become mediums in construction and each stratum can be uncovered as in an archeological dig. 

de Oude speaks of each finalized work as somewhat -of a surprise. In the repeating linework, each minute decision has a major visual impact. This became apparent to de Oude when he once scratched a painting prior to an exhibition, attempted to duplicate it, and ended up with three distinct paintings.

Rob de Oude, a Holland native and Brooklyn-based artist/curator, has been moving down the Brooklyn L train making work and curating exhibitions since ‘97, making him a well-known pioneer of the Bushwick art scene.Oude is a co-director of Transmitter, a collaborative curatorial initiative exhibiting local and international artists.

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